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Find an outspoken storytelling beauty of a bra… With high end quality that fulfils your wishes,

 a sensual lingerie piece that fits your shape, your taste and your dreams.

Tisja Damen provides luxury lingerie with couture laces and

never fails to create an astonishing story.


We offer a wide range of delicate and sensual sheer lace bras full of refined details are more

than just a flirty gift; every piece is part of another story, ready to be told… By you?

All our materials are sourced in Europe and are known for their luxurious Chantilly and

 Leavers lace form Italy and France. Our products offer a wide size range, high quality,

 outspoken designs and comforting fit.  Embrace our easy sizing and create your own fit with

 our adjustable straps. For us it is from highest significance to always provide the most

beautiful lingerie for all the lingerie lovers out there. For a wedding night, to style your look

 with lingerie as outerwear or for any other reason.


Find out your perfect fit, perhaps you are the mysterious “Ophelia”, a living “Hymn”,

 a “Dreamer”, if you dare to show all your “Techniques of Love” or you are about to discover

if you’re an “Angel or Siren” our luxurious designs aim to create an everlasting, endless and

ongoing story inspired by nature and glamorous materials, combine the pieces as you wish

and don’t forget... Stay delicately to keep telling stories endlessly.


Let your neckline be graced by a patchwork creation of precious laces with our “Ophelia” full

 neckline bra, opulent of details, it closes in the front in between the cleavage and has an

eye-catching detail in the neck with our signature strap weave in a golden closure. 

Created with our beautiful sheer lace, traditional flower prints and contrasting finishing.


Another special gift could be the enticing a-symmetrical “Hymn” bra. This is the perfect bra

 for a lingerie as outerwear look. Choose between ivory or black lace, either way this

a-symmetrical beauty with its shaped straps offers the perfect support under the breast and

is an ideal bra for larger breasts ... up to an E cup.


The angelic “Dreamer” bralette in ivory lace indulges to your soft skin and wondrous mind.

Our beloved signature piece is sensually shaped with a front closure and is made out of seer

 lace combined with silk straps and golden decorations. The shaped straps under the breast

will give you some extra support. The Dreamer bralette comes with additional cleavage and

 neck straps and provides a front closure.

This delicate bralette is an absolute favorite for bridal lingerie.


If you love the shape and stability of this outspoken design yet you wish to wear this romantic

 lingerie in black lace you should go for the “Techniques of Love” bralette.

This high end bra is the perfect gift for any occasion.


The “Angel or Siren” longline bra is a provocative beauty, creating a new shape that will

 highlight your hour-glass figure. The silk strap crossovers on the back give this bra the

 ‘barely there’ look. The underline breast support and the adjustable straps on the shoulder

 and waist make it possible to compose your very personal fit. Also a perfect bra to use as

lingerie for outerwear. Buy our lingerie designer pieces in either black or ivory and discover

 your inner “Angel or Siren”, or both…

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230,58 279,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
172,73 209,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
65,29 79,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
189,26 229,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
230,58 279,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
48,76 59,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
189,26 229,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
230,58 279,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
172,73 209,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
65,29 79,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
48,76 59,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
230,58 279,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
90,08 109,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
90,08 109,00 inc VAT (Including tax)

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