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Here we like to introduce the both beloved and well-known signature patchwork of Tisja Damen completes this creation.

Her unique and passionate design are translated in the incredibly gorgeous bodies.

Your body deserves to be touched by infinite luxury, kissed and hugged by the most luxurious lace there is.


Allow yourself to be touched by Tisja Damen’s outspoken designs.

Allow them to listen to your own stories, allow them to be part of your story and to be part of ours. …


With high end quality that fulfils your wishes, choose sensual lingerie that fits your shape, your taste and fulfils your dreams.

Tisja Damen provides luxury lingerie with couture laces and never fails to create an astonishing story. Whatever you desire to be, be it.

Sparkle like the “Moonlight”, gleam like the “Moonshine” and play with our additional “Luna” Lace layer to reach the ultimate experiences.


Tisja Damen's beloved and well-known signature patchwork is highly completed in these creations.

Chose to reveal some cleavage as much as an alluring amount of side boob and show the elegancy of your feminine waist.


Explore the ways to wear this piece, inside behind closed doors or choose to share your lucid confidence and wear the lingerie as outerwear.

Shape your bum, your curves, your hips with black lingerie and be inflamed by passion.

We offer a wide range of delicate and sensual sheer lace bodies full of refined details are more than just a flirty gift;

every piece is part of another story, ready to be told… By you?


All our materials are sourced in Europe and are known for their luxurious Chantilly and

Leavers lace form Italy and France.

Our products offer a wide size range, high quality, outspoken designs and comforting fit. 

Embrace our easy sizing and create your own fit with our adjustable straps.

For us it is from highest significance to always provide the most beautiful lingerie for all the lingerie lovers out there.

For a wedding night, to style your look with lingerie as outerwear or for any other reason.

Our luxurious designs aim to create an everlasting, endless and ongoing story inspired by nature and glamorous materials,

combine the pieces as you wish and don’t forget... Stay delicately to keep telling stories endlessly,

 and be aware that you can choose all our beauties in black lace and ivory lace.

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304,96 369,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
304,96 369,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
156,20 189,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
156,20 189,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
156,20 189,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
114,88 139,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
114,88 139,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
420,66 509,00 inc VAT (Including tax)
445,45 539,00 inc VAT (Including tax)

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