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Bespoke Kimono’s


Together with print designer Katarina Stupavska, Tisja Damen has created her own stunning,

 exotic and mysterious prints with every collection.

‘’Fleurs. Du. Mal.’’ and ‘’Forest. of. Symbols.’’.


These prints are inspired by our brand values in high end quality and refined details. Every

print is a rich story of nature inspired journeys. Developed in The Netherlands on a luxurious

 combination of silk and cotton. Handmade in our atelier located in the Amsterdam we

combine these prints on silk with precious Chantilly and Leavers lace from France and Italy.


The “Symphony” kimono with the ‘’Forest. of. Symbols.’’ print has a silhouette that is inspired

 by a men’s blouse and is ideal for a lingerie as outerwear look. The open shoulders of the

 kimono are finished with precious Chantilly lace to delicately show some of your skin.


Our other bespoke kimono is called “Lux” and hints to the gorgeous Renaissance flower

paintings that are to be found in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The print ‘’Fleurs. Du. Mal.’’

 shows the deep-pigmented colors of real flowers and the fabric is draped in such a way that it

complements your figure while falling around your body.


Combine our kimono’s with the cord of tassels around your waist or with our printed scarfs.

 You can style the kimono’s in several ways, even wrap it up as a blouse

for a lingerie as outerwear look.


Beside the handmade kimono’s we created several scarves in the same prints.

We have scarves ideally to wear in your hair, as a crop top or in the waist.

And our beloved skinny scarfs that are absolute favorites to wear around the neck or in the waist.

These unique scarfs are so luxurious and high in quality which makes these pieces the perfect

 accessory to complete the real Tisja Damen experience. Perfect as a gift to combine it with

our sensual lingerie, wear it around your neck, in your hair or in the waist.

Discover endless possibilities…


Created with love and treated by heart... Stay delicately to keep telling stories endlessly. 

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