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Designer of lingerie and storyteller...
Because she craves a passionate love for lingerie, adores nature but most of all because she has stories to tell.
Every collection adds a new chapter to her story, an astonishing one.
With her pieces,
Tisja Damen wants to evoke a feeling within the woman wearing it:
feelings of an innate kind of beauty and a free sense of sensuality.
Think of the incomparable beauty of a woman… dancing. Her movements reside passion,
controlled by intense concentration, flowing through her body without being aware of her surroundings.
One is extremely concentrated and thinking of one thing only.
One is not busy posing or trying to look good; one is busy challenging its body to move to its maximum.
She shows her body’s splendour and flaws in one and the same move.
In that second, she’s as near as she is far away from perfection.
Right there and then, she is herself, unconditionally.
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Tisja Damen
Tisja Damen


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''And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn't hear the music.''

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Tisja Damen

For Tisja Damen, a woman who dances and the bodily intensity
that ensues is the most beautiful thing in the world.
One can feel the passion flowing through the dancer’s body while watching.
She’s at her most sensual when a step shifts her clothing and exposes
fragments of bare skin: the side of a breast, and the intensity in her arms,
in her fingers or the strength of the shoulder blades.
When she disappears in the moment and reveals her body bit by bit.
Unaware of what happens she creates tremendous sensuality. It’s not about seduction;
it’s about the focus in her mind and the intensity of her body while showing it.
Therein lies the true beauty of women. Showing her body without being aware of it.
That is the most beautiful thing a woman can do.
These stories are inspired by stories...
We are all brought up by stories. Stories calm us, teach us and inspire us.
A longing to preserve this feeling all collections have a strong storytelling concept.
The most wonderful stories are as old as time and that’s why Tisja Damen ties them
to each other so eagerly. To preserve them, to make them never-ending.
Always inspired by nature itself...
The story of this collection begins with the previous collection, “Fleurs. Du. Mal”,
where the deep colours of flowers hint in every piece. We drew the first lines of this story,
bewildered by nature we are. The flowers have grown; the flowers are in full bloom,
the colours explode around us. It is only then when you see the contrast of all colours.
The leaves have never been greener. The forest bursts of life. The shapes of nature are divine.
Another chapter of our story is about to commence. We let the earthly shapes guide us once again;
they come together like the pieces of a puzzle. We travel further through this wondrous forest,
we hear the soft whispers of the most authentic story of them all: nature.
We are desirous of everything at the same time. The perfumes, the colours and the sounds respond;
we slowly pass through a “Forest. of. Symbols”.
Tisja Damen believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Anything said to be ugly has just not yet found itself a fair eye.
She seeks for an aesthetic, for beauty. But she seeks for the innate kind of beauty,
where there are flaws and distortions. Where there is transformation, where there is life.
So she seeks for distortion in something’s nature: to expose it and interpret beauty anew.
In the name of dance, the wonders of our innate beauty still seem to amaze,
but it should amaze us in everything we are and do.

Because in the end… There is a story ready to be written.

.    .    .
This is going to be our story...
.    .    .