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Tisja Damen is a lingerie designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


All pieces in our collections are created by hand with refined details and inspired by nature and stories.

Our luxurious materials are thoughtfully selected from different places in Europe,

known for their laces; Chantilly lace from France, Leavers lace from Italy and Swiss embroidery of sheer tulle.

These are combined with silk straps and golden trims from France.

Another very important part of our collection are the storytelling prints we have

especially designed to create a meaningful and poetic story behind every collection.

These prints are created in The Netherlands on a luxurious combination of silk and cotton.

This material gives a beautiful satin glow and is easy to care for.


With these materials, we created designs of sensual structure, aesthetic pleasure, and a storytelling touch.


Special about our designs is the ability to combine the pieces with each other.

That is because the way we combine materials and it became our brand signature.

In this way, our lovely customer has the freedom to combine our pieces however she pleases

without being limited by a certain range. Please see our lookbook last pages for some examples.


The pieces are designed on the body for the perfect fit and support.

We use simple sizing S – M – L - XL with adjustable straps to easily create your own fit.

Our sizes start from 32A to 36DD and some of our customers even have a full E.


We believe in collections that can be combined and highlight the storytelling concept.

Each piece is a metaphor for another chapter...

Our designs go through our collection as we don’t work with seasonal collections as most brands do.

We do not work according to a seasonal concept; our designs go through our collection.

This is because we believe our pieces are timeless and not influenced by seasonal trends.

We let the pieces evolve, add accessories that can be worn together and

add new designs to the collections that can be combined together.


Our collections are made in Romania in a high-quality production company that understands

our love for details and craftsmanship as well as in our own atelier in The Netherlands


Created with love and treated by heart...

Stay delicately to keep telling stories endlessly...

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Ethnical & environmental values

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Belief & mission


Tisja Damen




“Nature is a key element in all my lingerie creations

and is shown in the materials, concepts,

and aesthetic silhouettes on the female body.”




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Process of creation

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