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Pure art and magical experience are the feelings left in me everytime I connect with this amazing team!

I am beyond thrilled that this kind of understanding of the womanhood exists!

And the quality of the materials that envelop the sense of being a woman is something that every lady

should feel on her skin! Thank you for your art, you empower us in every way possible!

- Luiza Ganeva 


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Tisja Damen creates highly sensual and æsthetic lingerie with a playful touch.

Classy and creative, passionate and playful; It´s very easy to fall in love with the lovely, delicate pieces.

The pieces are adjustable which makes a great fit. The service is super good and personal

– I ordered online and got great help to choose my size.

Definitely one of my favorite luxury lingerie brands at the moment.

I am looking forward to following their journey along and I would love to visit

their showroom when visiting Amsterdam next time.

Sara Noelani Müller


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Tisja Damen made me discover the pleasure of wearing sexy underwear.

I was given a piece by my boyfriend from the new collection, we live in Rome so he ordered it online.

When I discarded the pack the first thing I noticed is the extreme care with which every detail is taken care of ...

made the moment of discovery even more exciting. And when I wore it, it was as if it was made to fit for me.

The head is delicate and pleasing to the touch of skin, it seems to be drawn on.

It makes me feel the beautiful protagonist of a timeless fairy tale and

represents a bit the version of me that I prefer, sensual and elegant.

I think it's just the beginning of a long love story ...

Thank you Tisja.

(Translated by Google from Italian ) 

- Agnese Cornelio


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Best lingerie brand period. I’m absolutely obsessed with everything Tisja makes, so heartbreakingly beautiful... thank you!

Lisa Atmadiredja


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I'm very happy with my lingerie from Tisja Damen. I'm the proud owner of the Hymn bra and the Ophelia thong.

Even with a larger breast-size the Hymn bra fits perfectly and supports me enough.

Because of the beautiful back and the one shoulder design, I love to wear my bra a little bit showing.

It makes the rest of my outfit just more sexy and special.

Also great thanks to Tisja for giving me the opportunity to try more than one design

to see what fits best for a bigger breast size.

- M. Bouman


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Tisja Damen Lingerie is without a doubt the most exquisite lingerie I've ever had and seen...

It's designed with love, passion, and thought. 

I myself have the "Techniques of Love" set (bra and thong)

and I love how it feels on my skin and how to feel when wearing it.

It gives you confidence and makes you feel sensual and sexy. I am in love with the brand : )

- Hannah W.  


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A wonderful brand, Tisja make s dreams come true in words and lingerie.

Using the best and softest laces and silks, making garments by hand and infusing them with love and respect.

Every item is made to perfection, the cards on the garments are even of the highest standard.

I have been a fan from early on and have seen the progress in packaging and end result;

I love the point they have achieved now already but also look forward to seeing them achieve an even higher goal.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority, they have never failed me at that.

I love their lingerie, it makes me feel special and I can see and feel how much effort and time they have put into it.

My last piece of Tisja-happiness is their silk/lace kimono, I have lusted over for a while, and it's phenomenal.

The print is super gorgeous and the fabric so smooth and refined to the skin

If anything... I want every item they make

You won't be disappointed, you will most likely want more...

Lingerie heaven

- Mateo van Aarst


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The most delicate pieces women bodies will ever feel

- Alejandro Pereira 


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